Our one-stop pet grooming service provides a variety of grooming services for pets, including clipping and bathing, etc.

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Pet grooming is the process of cleaning and styling an animal’s fur, nails, teeth, and coat, as well as bathing. Pet groomers are professionals who groom pets for their owners or for people who are looking to adopt a pet.

In order to safely groom a pet, pet groomers must have proper knowledge of the type of animals they are handling and how to care for them. Grooming is also considered as a way of humans to interact with their pets.

Grooming not only benefits the pet, but it also entertains
and relaxes them while they wait in anticipation for what
could be a lengthy process.

Pet grooming includes:

  • Nail / claw trimming
  • Hair trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Removal of dead hair (also known as “dead clipping”)
  • Brushing teeth and gums
  • Bathing or swimming (or other methods)
  • Brushing coats
  • De-matting fur
  • Detangling fur
  • Flea combing
  • Checking skin folds such as armpits and genitals for
    infections (also known as “dusting)

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